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NORDIC SKI: over 500 kilometres of tracks
Many people in Asiago 7 Comuni consider cross-country skiing as the “national sport”. This sport has gained considerable importance on these mountains, due primarily to the natural configuration of the land and the countless networks of paths crossing it. Huge meadows and vast conifer woods, with over five hundred kilometres of cross-country ski runs, alternate with each other on the world’s most beautiful high plain. These ski runs are one of the most extensive and complete track systems in Europe and perhaps in the world.

Seven Cross-Country Centres
There are as many as seven cross-country centres connected to each other operating in the region. The tracks have various levels of difficulty, length and variants to suit everybody, and clear signs along the way. The quality of the cross-country runs is one of the feathers in the cap of Asiago 7 Comuni. Every day they are meticulously beaten, checked and dressed. The great skill of the technicians working at the cross-country centres in Asiago 7 Comuni guarantees complete satisfaction of skiers who may use runs with everything they could ever hope for. At the cross-skiing centres there are ski schools with qualified instructors plus all sorts of services starting with ski rental, as well as professionals to get the skis ready. Another interesting service for skiers wanting to spend several days at high altitude, going around on skis from one mountain hut to another, is having their baggage carried on a motor-driven sleigh. At some cross-country ski centres it is possible to spend the night at high altitude and enjoy whole meals with typical menus of the traditional Cimbric cuisine.

The Ski Runs of Champions
Being the site of the Nordic World Ski Championships confirms the great familiarity that Asiago 7 Comuni has with cross-country skiing. Almost every year the best athletes meet on the ski runs of the Altopiano for spectacular international competitions. This is another reason why many Italian teams pick Asiago 7 Comuni to train and practice.

Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding
There is a sizeable offering of alpine skiing facilities. There are roughly 10 Altopiano ski resorts, some of which let you ski at altitudes as high as 2,000 metres, and which have about sixty kilometres of downhill ski-runs. Numerous ski-lift facilities enable alpine skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts to conquer the summits of Asiago 7 Comuni to launch themselves into thrilling descents on the snow, mostly provided by programmed snowmaking systems.

Ski Mountaineering and Telemark Skiing
Anyone who wants to feel a different sort of excitement without leaving their skis behind may try their hands at ski mountaineering, reserved to experts or to be practised with instructors. A fun way to ski on fresh snow is telemark skiing, a really fun sport with an old-fashioned flavour, suited for whoever is looking for something different.

Explorations with Snowshoes
Snow is a friend that enables thrilling hikes with simple footwear on our feet: snowshoes. It is really easy to walk on the fresh snow and feel a little like scouts from the nineteenth century or pioneers in unknown lands. Fun hikes with guides and entertainers are organised even at night, which are however absolutely safe and suitable for everyone.

The winter season at Asiago 7 Comuni lets you practice another traditional sport of the Altopiano, suitable for the daring. It is ski jumping from a springboard! At Gallio, in the mythical Pachstall Valley, on a modern and impressive installation ski jumping champions compete with each other rending the air, and gliding through the fir trees with their skis.

Snow leads to the formation of ice, on which you may slide. But it’s better to do it with your skates on! Speed-skating, practised at natural and artificial rinks, has been done for many years at Asiago 7 Comuni. One of the greatest Olympic champions ever, Enrico Fabris, was born and lives right in the town of Roana. The winner of several medals at the Turin 2006 Olympics, he formed and developed his sporting personality on the ice at Altopiano.

Figure Skating and Ice Hockey
Figure skating lets you express yourself with grace, dancing on the cold rinks, while ice hockey demonstrates with all its might that it is the most dynamic and spectacular team sport to watch, with matches of the Italian Serie A championship and international tournaments held at Asiago 7 Comuni. Modern arenas, equipped with all amenities, like the ice arena at Asiago, enable you to practise all these sports

Countless Opportunities
Other activities, such as ski orienteering, Nordic walking on snow, snow-tubbing and luge for children, are some of the winter sports offered by Asiago 7 Comuni, which is completed by entertainment, ski and skating schools, all sorts of services, with rental and assistance. A holiday on the snow of Asiago 7 Comuni is surely an unforgettable holiday in a land with a unique culture, an abundance of history, nature and sports!
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